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  • Expand Event Skills, Beyond the Logistics

    Optimize Event Management For
    Commercial and For-Profit Sectors

    Hire, on-board, and delegate to your team to Manage 'n' Execute effective event campaigns. Host, Organize, Participate, Contribute as a Speaker, Sponsor, or Exhibitor with our 5 Phase Framework. 

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    Manage more events, build your event team and skillsets, optimize event technology, generate higher margins, expand beyond geographical limitations.


    Design your event run-sheets, delegation of your event team, and documentation process, so you can simplify your business operations. 


    Retain meaningful stakeholders, build credibility, accelerate and optimize the customer journey, and evolve with tactics, best practices and compliance.  

    Develop Systems that Justify $50K-$1M Event Investments

  • Determine Project Management vs. People Management

  • Identify Ideal Events, Format & Participation, Clarity Assessment & 5 Phase Prompts

  • Negotiate and Define Activation, Contracts, and Deadlines with Organizer

  • Develop an Effective Customer Journey & Segment Audience - Before, During, and After

  • Comprehend Contributor Compliance, Insurance, Privacy Regulations, & Best Practices

  • Optimize Your Event Logistical Timeline Checklist, Deliverables, and Event Update Report

  • Build Your Event Team, Supplier Checklist, and Point of Contacts

  • Build Your Event Tech Stack Checklist

  • Build Your Decision Maker List, Appointment Availability, Landing Page, & Incentives

  • Collateral Essentials (Design, Messaging, & Flow): Outreach, Nurturing, & Communication

  • Monetize & Justify Event ROI | Attribution costs, P&L, lead capture & CRM, tools & metrics

  • Determine Debrief Report Metrics and Expectations to Track

  • Develop Run of Show vs. Agenda vs. Itinerary

  • Program designed with 1:1 and group implementation

  • Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

    Nadine Cunningham

    You have some of the best ROS documents I have seen in a long time.

    "I recently had the pleasure to work with Michelle Nicole McNabb. As we worked through some of our processes and updates, I couldn’t help but admire how organized she was. With such beautiful templates and Excel documents, she simply spoke our language!

    You have some of the best ROS (run-of-show) documents I have seen in a long time. In an industry where we work so efficiently online, it can be easy to silo ourselves - but I truly enjoyed our spirit of collaboration."

    -Mahoganey Jones, CMP, DES, HMCC

    Founder & CEO of Event Specialists, Toronto Canada

    Nadine Cunningham

    I highly recommend!

    "Michelle is a top-notch monetizing expert who is a clear communicator and gives of herself 100%. I have genuinely enjoyed working with her on a few virtual events as her attention to details has played a huge role in the success of the events we have collaborated on.

    Her knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and charisma are great leadership skills that she brings to every and any event that she is affiliated with. I highly recommend her. " 

    -Nadine Cunningham

    Digital Event Strategist  New York

    Rachael Green

    Michelle's program has AMAZING value

    She helped me map out: how to optimize my brand partnerships for the virtual events that I run! Through this process the outcome showcased my value and allowed me to triple what my offer was prior to our conversation.

    She guided me to visualize the touchpoints that people have with in person events and optimizing that in a virtual platform to make all the stakeholders involved EXCITED with the process and the outcome!! "

    Rachael Green

    Virtual Events Specialist Charlotte, North Carolina

    Nikki Clarin

    I was amazed by her formulation of methodology that empowers companies

    "Beyond events, she also helped my team think outside the box and develop strategies that not only go with the flow of digital trends but also get right to the bottom of what our company needs--a marketing engine that follows through and ensures high return on investment. I still bring along with me and make the best use of all the knowledge that I've learned from her.

    Nikki Clarin

    International Marketing Manager

    Event Management 'n' Events Framework Breakdown

  • Phase 1- Event Clarity Evaluation

  • Before anything else, we will evaluate the event for clarity, worthiness, and intention. This initial assessment is critical to identify the “broken bridges” and strengthen the foundation of the event campaign.

  • Phase 2- Develop An Effective Customer Journey 

  • Let’s build the ideal customer journey! Using our highly regarded A.C.D.C. | T.N.T. method, we will develop effective outreach, nurturing, sales and metric tactics that will maximize client acquisition.

  • Phase 3- Monetize And Justify Event ROI

  • Get the most bang for your $$$ leveraging events! Here, we’ll dive into monetizing event platforms, sponsorships, technology, and more. This module is crucial to the management of stakeholder expectations, clear communication of goals/objectives, and setting up worthwhile metrics/analytics.

  • Phase 4- Prioritize to Optimize and Execute the 6 Foundations


  • Time to execute! By implementing our six foundations for event management—Strategy, Logistics, Outreach, Nurturing, Sales, and Metrics—we’ll justify event ROI and convert the event into effective business opportunities.

  • Phase 5- People Management vs. Project Management

  • Now you’re ready to evolve! With the event mapped out, it’s time to take off the “project manager” hat and put on the “people manager” hat instead. This module will cover everything you need to know about navigating the switch from self management to team management through communication styles, delegation of tasks, managing expectations, and more!




    I knew in high school I wanted to be an event planner. Specifically a wedding planner! Graduating from Penn State University with 1000+ work experience internship hours my career began with "Who needs to be where and when?" "What needs to be where and how does it get there?" - Logistics! 

    My concentration in my major was "commercial tourism", and focused on generating events to encourage local economic development. I ended up working in corporate "9-5" while coordinating weddings and community and events nights & weekends. As they grew, they offered me the position to build and manage the Business-to-Business marketing division that grew from supporting 3 to 65+ sales account executives. 

    This was when I shifted into HOW businesses and organizations leverage events for business development and brand activations. Leveraging conferences, trade shows, product launches, client appreciation, incentive and trainings etc... I gained an understanding how to effectively justifying the return-of-investment (ROI), and proposing ideal events with a strategy to support objectives. 

    Fast forward 14 years into being in the event's industry - It's time to introduce the MasterClass 'n' Events that transfers these skills to internal event planners, independent event professionals shifting from social and private events to revenue driven events, and employees or entrepreneurs wearing the event coordination hat and want to delegate or scale their process. 

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