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Align Five & Six Figure Event Budgets and ROI! 

Design Your Event Run Sheet for Multi-Day Business & Industry Specific Events.

What Is Your Role In Events:

You're established and know events are effective for your business or organization, so now you're ready to evolve! Our 5 Phase Framework was developed for professionals that leverage events for business ready to implement:




Don't Click Here

Okay - I tried to tell you, but even if you tried to click the box anyway, it doesn't work. Why? Typically this is the part of a website you see some sort of "call to action" how to achieve all the list of "pain points" you're looking to accomplish above - Amiright?​

You know... the ultimate guides and landing pages with some sort of opt-in link, a "strategy session link", a link that opens another tab to a registration or automated webinar *a $497 value FREE - oh wait "act now" for our $997 for JUST $97 this one time only... a high level informational guide or freebie that drips you into a one-size fits all email/text/automation bot/blah blah blah sequence...​

NO WORRIES! (I'm a B2B Producer and Exhibition Manager - not a digital marketer)

    The box says "Don't Click Here"
    Did you try it? It doesn't work. 
    Did you click it now just to see if I was telling the truth? 
    That box isn't very effective without a purpose...
    Neither are events without an effective event 

    Some of you may even think that was entirely pointless, what a waste of time or wonder: 

  • Why is the box even there?

  • Wow, I just spent my time on that? That box didn't do anything for me!

  • Why would I even care about a box if I don't know how or IF it even benefits me

  • What does this "so called expert" with the box have to offer that I don't already know or have?

  • Where else can I find what I'm actually looking for? That box doesn't work!

Replace the word "box" with "event" and ask those questions again out loud. Sound familiar?

Have you ever caught yourself asking these questions participating at an event? Or if you're an organizer how do you ensure the event avoids these objections​ or feedback from your potential attendees, sponsors and exhibitors you're looking to support the event? 

Now that pointless box has a purpose! Not in the intention you expected it to, but before you commit to another event campaign remember that box. Consider the answers to those questions BEFORE you begin prospecting or scoping out event opportunities. If you found that helpful, you'll like some other exercises and resources I have to share.

If you're still on this particular page, then chances are you're scoping me out... that's okay - please do! Until we better understand each others' intentions and objectives, neither one of us really has enough information to know if they align anyway. ​

I'd like the opportunity to see if they do. ​

I started typing some tangent about conversion rates and importance of touch points like re-targeting and campaign sequences, and how events are amazing to impact your audience, but figure you already know events are great! I'm not here to convince anyone of that, so let's dive into what we really want to understand. First, which side of the event campaign are you on? 

Which Side of the Event Are You On?

Planning meetings consist of logistical tasks, developing deadlines and budgets, "logo placement and sponsorship packages", how to raise funds and negotiate contracts, who is responsible for which committee assignments, experience and decor, promote ticket sales and sponsorship packages, ensure communication to sponsors and volunteers is sent, getting stress balls and promotional items into swag bags and advertisement space in the program --- does this sound at all familiar?

The event industry is full of event planners and event marketers that are focused on ultimately: who needs to be where and when, what needs to be where and how does it get there? These are all the logistics which is only one out of the six foundations used in the Prioritize to Optimize process: Event strategy, logistics, outreach, nurturing, sales, and metrics.

I'll elaborate...

Do we ACTUALLY care exactly what time coffee comes out on the agenda? (so long that there is coffee and the event moves on?!) Do we care what brand the AV company selects and trusts for visual and audio (or only care that we have a trusted relationship with our AV company vendor that is accountable to get the job done)...

Yes of course as coordinators and event planners we do...

It's important to have logistics covered, but logistics by itself ISN'T what determines success of an event. Event planning for a perfectly coordinated event alone doesn't influence the bottom line to get a business to the next level, make the introductions that seals the deal for that bonus, opens the door for the promotion you've been working towards, or get you invited to VIP opportunities as a recognized and credible thought leader in your field of expertise... or so many other factors that create an effective event campaign.

The harsh truth is even if everything logistically goes off without a hitch, the decor was spot on, and the agenda was on time... logistics alone won't allow for sustainability of the event's profitability. When the six foundations are not working together we experience what I call a "Broken Bridge" - although not impossible to cross becomes difficult and less efficient.

Yes of course it's critical to execute a solid logistical event plan and get ticket sales, but there's a reason why it's only one out of six components. My background started over a decade ago with logistical event planning and event marketing (yes, I was the high school girl that always knew she wanted to be an event planner)... so fast forward and it wasn't until I was on the "other side of the table" of event management that I discovered why so many opportunities and revenue was slipping through the cracks!

So0o0o0o0o, what's the other side of the table that I'm talking about??

Well, we have the HOST of the event and the CONTRIBUTORS of the event. The event host or organizer is the one that decided to put on the event in the first place.​

They may have an internal team, volunteers, 3rd party hired planners that organize, promote and coordinate so that the event actually happens...

Then we have the contributors of the event that support the event in various ways: ticket holder, speaker, sponsor, exhibitor, influencer etc... In one way or another a contributor is using the event as a way to connect with the audience to make an impact or to be impacted by the event as the platform and touch point.

These are the marketing teams and sales teams, companies, brands, speakers, supporters and influencers that invest time, money and resources into the event (sponsors, exhibitors, brand ambassadors or speakers). They most definitely ALL have different expectations and outcomes that would consider the event a success or how they will consider coming back... they need effective marketing and sales campaigns too. 

Also, something to note and clarify.... I don't necessarily mention "donors" (as in supporters) of a cause (or organization) for philanthropy or pure donation purposes without the intention of receiving some sort of return of investment). That is entirely a different wheelhouse and I recommend talking to grant writers or fund raiser experts if that's what you're looking for.... otherwise keep on reading!  

 The gap in the event industry... 

Events are the original way humans delivered their message to an audience and before there were "strategies", marketing terms, or modern digital tactics . Even as old and effective as events are, the event and marketing fields are saturated with resources and solutions that support other platforms, focused on tactics over fundamentals, or develop event campaigns for the event itself.

The gap in the industry is not that companies don't see the value or impact events have on an audience. It's a multi BILLION industry and there are events for just about any purpose, style, person you can think of every day of the week. I'm not here trying to convince anyone that events are an effective platform, but it's about developing effective campaigns to utilize the platform to it's potential.

It's not even a lack of resources for event hosts to produce or market an event... logistically. The work force is full of agencies, consultants, qualified employees, freelancers that provide services to get "butts in seats", design and execute a smooth operation... and I can introduce you to half a dozen for any service if need be.

I'm not here to convince anyone that events are an effective platform, but it's about developing effective campaigns to utilize the platform to it's potential.

So0o0o0o then what's falling through the cracks?! What's the gap in the event industry? 

The "other side of the table". Each of THESE contributing companies have their own event campaign to execute so they can achieve their OWN definition of success --- not only the host.  Their teams have to map out and execute a plan for logistics, deadlines, budgets, target audience to attract, marketing material to create, key decision makers to meet, metrics to track, connections to make and experiences etc... but because it's one "campaign" out of an ENTIRE company marketing plan who on the team is assigned as an expert in event campaign development and execution?​

In many cases, a team may consist of one or many people (internally or externally) who design collateral, create content to post on digital platforms, public relation efforts to build credibility, delegate logistical tasks, and a VP of Marketing as the decision maker to sign off on approval. While other professionals and agencies in the event industry focus on the event itself (very much needed and my trusted partnerships).I've been sitting on the other end of the table for the past decade - to execute effect campaigns for event contributors. I've ​combined my logistical and event marketing experience and help companies optimize sales and marketing resources through effective events campaigns. ​There you have it.

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