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    Delegate Event Services,
    So You Can Generate in Your Field of Genius

    Leverage the Most Out of $50K-$1M
    Annual Event Management Investments
    for Commercial & For-Profit Sectors

    Emenee Marketing ‘n’ Events focuses on the justification and implementation of B2B event management by maximizing events effectively for business that allocate $50K-$1M into their annual event investments. Michelle Nicole McNabb is the owner/founder and Director of Events primarily serving B2B commerce markets. Meet Michelle on LinkedIn & check out other published content.

    We cut through the noise of event tech, logistics, production, marketing and overall event semantics for clients that aren't event professionals, but know the value and power of events! We source, procure, and partner with event organizers and event solution providers to streamline and advocate the consideration and retention of leveraging events as an effective channel for scaling businesses.

    Our consulting and on-board training bundles currently range from $250-$12,500 USD based on scope, deliverables and travel. Application only done-with-you retainer packages start at $3500/m with customized scope of work options available. Freelance or 1099NEC projects are case by case with service providers that range in experience and skills ranging from $65-$175/hr. Michelle Nicole Enterprises, LLC is the registered parent company opened in 2016 and carries business and general liability insurance for on-site and digital compliance & services. We're looking forward to being considered as a trusted approved supplier to your team!

    What Is Your Role In Corporate & Commercial Events:

    Corporate, Association, or Internal Employee Team

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    Systemize your process from planning to production, event team, sponsorship/exhibitor concierge, build your event tech stack, and

    run-of-show templates. 

    Contribute and Attend Media, Business & Commerce Events  

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    Conference concierge strategy and logistics, map your show, justify ROI, and activation negotiation. Delegate so your team can generate

    to conversations. 

    Production, Event Tech, or Media Agency

    Become a Partner

    Freelance/Contract Hybrid Event Director. Pre-production, run-of-show design, show caller, andevent tech integration, buildout

    and configuration.

    We're Your External Commercial
    Director of Events Team

    You're established and know events are effective for your business or organization, so now you're
    ready to evolve! Our 5 Phase Framework was developed for professionals that leverage events for
    business ready to implement and delegate to their team.

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    What Others Have to Say

    I highly recommend!

     "Michelle is a top-notch monetizing expert who is a clear communicator and gives of herself 100%. I have genuinely enjoyed working with her on a few virtual events as her attention to details has played a huge role in the success of the events we have collaborated on.

    Her knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and charisma are great leadership skills that she brings to every and any event that she is affiliated with.

    I highly recommend her. " 

    -Nadine Cunningham

    Digital Event Strategist   New York

    Michelle's program has AMAZING value

    "She helped me map out: how to optimize my brand partnerships for the virtual events that I run! Through this process the outcome showcased my value and allowed me to triple what my offer was prior to our conversation.

    She guided me to visualize the touchpoints that people have with in person events and optimizing that in a virtual platform to make all the stakeholders involved EXCITED with the process and the outcome!! "

    -Rachael Green     

     Virtual Events Specialist Charlotte, North Carolina

     I was amazed by her formulation of methodology that empowers companies

    " Beyond events, she also helped my team think outside the box and develop strategies that not only go with the flow of digital trends but also get right to the bottom of what our company needs--a marketing engine that follows through and ensures high return on investment. I still bring along with me and make the best use of all the knowledge that I've learned from her. "

    -Nikki Clarin 

        International Marketing Manager 

     She is very collaborative in her execution and creativity 

     " Michelle was one of the few corporate resources who had an interest in supporting the sales end of the business, versus telling the sales platform the way things are or will be. She sought out resources, asked questions and always asked "why don't we think bigger?". I am a raving fan of Michelle and wish her well in anything that she puts her efforts into. If you have the opportunity to work with Michelle, I recommend her highly."

    -Robert Germano          Sales Director

    North East America

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