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    Allocate, so You can Delegate and Your Team Can Generate 




  • Navigate your show plan, source & hire competent suppliers and internal roles, streamline on-site production that bridges the gap from the logistics to ROI for omni-channel presence. Leverage business events effectively and get the most bang for your buck.


    Justification and implementation of effective event management, sourcing of suppliers, on-boarding training, and metrics that specializes in commercial and for-profit sectors that allocate $50K-$1M annually towards leveraging events for business.

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  • Build Credibility

  • Connect with Decision Makers

  • Be Noticed and Invited to VIP Opportunities

  • Qualify Ideal Prospects

  • Be Introduced To Key Referral Partners

  • Achieve Revenue Goals

  • Execution of Logistics & Vendor Relations

  • Meet Budget Requirements

  • Convert Connections to Conversations


    In a hybrid model of in-person and virtual execution here's glimpse what it looks like behind the scenes to work with us. Both online & offline we strive to emphasize our professional, yet sometimes quirky brand. We're ready to work with your team to Manage 'n' Execute, or show you how we do it with our MasterClass 'n' Events Program - What works best for you?

    Event planning is only one step, but no matter how perfect the

    logistics go or how smooth​ the event runs; ​logistics alone doesn't produce ROI.

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    Commerce style events are many times difficult for sales managers, marketing teams and C-level decision makers to justify the costs without an ROI. These are some common objections these decision makers are experiencing that are addressed in the "Justify Event ROI Program" process to use events effectively:

    Delegate, So Your Team Can Generate

    We work with corporate teams that have a designated marketing team and sales team to identify and execute ideal trade show and multi-day conferences to leverage their events.

    In an increasingly digital world, there’s one area of marketing that stands out for its ability to bring businesses and customers face to face and connect. Since before "marketing" was even a term, events have been a way to deliver messages, gather together for human-to-human connection, and enhance overall communication.

    It was a combination of passion for event planning and experience with event marketing and event technology that led me to discover my role in the event industry. Unleash the potential of commercial driven events and witness the value of events through the M'n'E Framework.  

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    Great communication and event planner for trade show events. Worked extremely well with the Account Executives across the nation to understand different needs so everyone had what they needed in their geographic areas.
    Zeenat Z. | Regional Sales Manager | USA Events

    She was one of the few corporate resources who had an interest in supporting the sales end of the business, vs telling the sales platform the way things are.

    ​I had the pleasure of working with Michelle and witnessing her rise from more entry/ line level associate to becoming a reliable and valuable partner at a management level. Michelle is a passionate, caring and reliable teammate who really works to accomplishing things together. She is very collaborative in her execution and creativity. She was one of the few corporate resources who had an interest in supporting the sales end of the business, versus telling the sales platform the way things are or will be. She sought out resources, asked questions and always asked "why don't we think bigger?". I am a raving fan of Michelle and wish her well in anything that she puts her efforts into. If you have the opportunity to work with Michelle, I recommend her highly. If you choose to work with her, you will be recommending her too.
    ROBERT G. | Regional Sales Manager | New Jersey, USA​

    Not only did she constantly get the job done, but she brought a unique marketing spin to the business that was sorely needed. She assisted in implementing changes to the business channel that are still in use today - both for employees and our clients.
    Richard Founders | Corporate Trainer | USA Events

    "During the time I worked with Michelle she was always willing to go the extra mile to accomplish the task at had. Not only did she constantly get the job done, but she brought a unique marketing spin to the business that was sorely needed. While staying on top of her regular duties, she assisted me in implementing changes to the business channel that are still in use today. These included initiatives for internal employees as well as our clients." ​

    She truly is an expert at maximizing the impact of events. She has also been very helpful in training our marketing staff. Each of them has become much more capable and resourceful because they worked with Michelle.​
    Barry S. | President-Owner | Philippians & USA Events

    Tell me more, tell me more

    🎜🎝How much dough did he spend? Tell me more, tell me more... Could she get me a friend?​🎝🎜

    If you sang that in your head then we might have some synergy and I'll see you at the next karaoke event... but I do have a point! What questions are you asking before committing or contributing to an event? Is how much money and cash flow ("dough") being tracked like any other marketing campaign? Are you getting introduced to ideal connections and landing appointments to key decision makers and VIP opportunities?

    Are you making "new friends"?  Events are an effective way to impact your audience - is your execution?Oh, and if you don't know the song reference or don't appreciate bursting into song in your own head --- I promise I don't have any cliche song references. Keep on reading and I'll show you how to optimize future event campaigns!

    1. Convert marketing costs, time and resources into Event ROI and revenue 

    2. Implement the key foundations to plan, execute, and streamline consistent events that produce results based on your goals.​

    3. Develop fundamental systems to achieve efficient operations, project management, organization, communication and documentation practices that can be duplicated for each unique event - regardless of size or timeline!

    If you were given $100K+ to invest into your next business development channel - would you BET ON:

    1) Interrupting a cold yet targeted audience on a digital platform to potentially convert into a typical funnel they predict OR,

    2) Cut through the noise and accelerate the customer journey. Connect and impact your ideal audience that shows up with expressed intention that generates qualified opportunities...

    If #2, On-site, Virtual & Hybrid Events should be​ allocated into your plan

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