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It's Nice To Meet You!
Let's Stay Connected.

As convenient as virtual networking can be, I'm glad to get back out to on-site events and keep the conversation going. In addition to social media channels, how to you prefer to keep the conversation going?

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If events are something you're considering to leverage this year for your business, check out our RESOURCES page, or here's a sneak peek into some resources we share:  

Schedule a Networking Chat

Here's a link to schedule a call together and dive deeper how we can collaborate and expand our network. Typically between 10am-2pm ET are ideal times, but I have various times to keep our conversation going. Which ever you prefer: regular phone chat or video call.

Here's my email address and the best way to send any collateral, links, or to share your website. I'd like to introduce you to Jana on our team, so please also CC [email protected] if you prefer email.

Our website is www.marketingNevents.com which shares more insight and resources for event management and services.

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