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Event Management 'n' Execution Framework Breakdown

  • Phase 1- Event Clarity Evaluation

  • Before anything else, we will evaluate the event for clarity, worthiness, and intention. This initial assessment is critical to identify the “broken bridges” and strengthen the foundation of the event campaign.

  • Phase 2- Develop An Effective Customer Journey 

  • Let’s build the ideal customer journey! Using our highly regarded A.C.D.C. | T.N.T. method, we will develop effective outreach, nurturing, sales and metric tactics that will maximize client acquisition.

  • Phase 3- Monetize And Justify Event ROI

  • Get the most bang for your $$$ leveraging events! Here, we’ll dive into monetizing event platforms, sponsorships, technology, and more. This module is crucial to the management of stakeholder expectations, clear communication of goals/objectives, and setting up worthwhile metrics/analytics.

  • Phase 4- Prioritize to Optimize and Execute the 6 Foundations

  • Time to execute! By implementing our six foundations for event management—Strategy, Logistics, Outreach, Nurturing, Sales, and Metrics—we’ll justify event ROI and convert the event into effective business opportunities.

  • Module 5- People Management vs. Project Management

  • Now you’re ready to evolve! With the event mapped out, it’s time to take off the “project manager” hat and put on the “people manager” hat instead. This module will cover everything you need to know about navigating the switch from self management to team management through communication styles, delegation of tasks, managing expectations, and more!

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